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Silent drops birth

Throughout the years, life pushed me to let words flow out of my hands, free to be. It started with long sentences, long explanations about what was witnessed. Little by little, the words became lighter and freer to simply be, without any rational explanations behind but the freedom to let the words dance.

Those last years have been deeply transforming for me and I am deeply thankful to all the people I have met on this path. I have felt hurt, abandoned, betrayed, supported, cared, embraced and loved by life itself. Every-one who appears in my life brings a reason to dive deeper into the Heart.

The healing happens when the suffering is acknowledged as a part of oneself. I was suffering and the power of words appeared to me as a practical way of letting go of deep rooted emotions. How often the words that came out ended by blessing me while bringing tears to these eyes.

I have been sharing all of them with friends on the internet since many years. Many of you encouraged me to gather them in a book, so here they are.

I would love to mention each one of you who travel with me on this beautiful path that is life but it would require a full book to mention all of your names.

Meanwhile, I would like to deeply thank a few precious soul friends without whom this book wouldn't exist in terms of both content and form.

To Joshua, Belle and Kia, thank you for your light and patience to correct my “French English” with respect to the weird freedom of the words sometimes.

To Sudhir, Vineet, Stephen, Lacrima and Rajesh, thank you for your presence in my life, it gave birth to this book.

And without my husband and our three precious children, I would not be here today, so, Charlotte, Paul, Emile and Jérémie, simply, thank you to be.

Lastly, a few years ago, I was blessed to find out that life was loving and caring for me through any present form. It was a few months after a trip alone to India where I reached the holy hill of Arunachala that I have been blessed to meet Thích Nhất Hạnh.

His presence, wisdom and peace made me feel so grateful to be here. The first poem is dedicated to Him and was written after this meeting.


This fine book by Hélène Avérous is indeed a most beautiful and remarkable work of literary art.

This is because it is inspiringly composed deeply, from the intimacy of the Heart of a lady who is a dedicated spiritual aspirant of the highest calibre; and so the book is consequently emotionally very moving and at the same time most profound.

It is a book to treasure and dip into over and over again for poetic inspiration and refreshing spiritual wisdom. She has visited the sacred pilgrimage mountain of Arunachala, home of the Great Sage Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in Southern India, and is well versed in his teachings. She has also met the saintly Sage Thich Nhat Hahn, and the renowned spiritual teacher Siva Shakti Ma of Tiruvannamalai. Consequently she is very well versed in the Great Non Dual Teachings of the Higher Religions which inspire and illumine her gem like aphorisms. The well chosen different Chapters admirably cover the deep emotions of a devoted pilgrim walking wisely on the sacred inward path towards the Realisation of her Immortal Self.

This makes it a very special and in its way a most unique book. The Chapter Headings speak for themselves, The Friend, Presence, Stillness, Faith, One- Compassion-Grace, Joy, Tenderness-Silence, Peace, Stillness, Light-Life-Sacredness, Dream, Surrender and Aloneness. It is as if every step of the spiritual journey is beautifully and carefully expressed succinctly and poetically.

One can dip into it over and over again and find on any page refreshing words which will light up the sensitive reader's heart. It is indeed an offering from the Soul and a rich cornucopia of deeply experienced spiritual jewels. Most generously Hélène is devoting any proceeds earned from the book to Children's Charities.

I strongly recommend this marvellous book to all those who yearn for veritable spiritual inspiration coming from the innermost heart. The book has a delightful feminine quality which makes it even more appealing to the earnest reader who is sensitive to a woman's love, empathy and tenderness. Hélène is to be congratulated on authoring and compiling such a moving collection of spiritually inspiring poetic epigrams which will lift the heart and soul of any reader who is fortunate to become acquainted with her marvellous book.

Alan Jacobs

President Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

London 2014

Foreword by Alan Jacobs

Reviews by Harsh K. Luthar and Guthema Roba

I am honored to write a few words for my friend Helene Averous's book of poems. Truly Helene has made us a beautiful offering that combines visual art to go with words which capture our attention and make us silent. This book will delight both parents and children who can enjoy the work together.

Helene's poetry is both mystical and personal and born out of ecstasy. As I was going through the poems and pictures, some of the writing reminded me of the great poets Rumi and Hafiz.

Helene writes:

“How could there be any future with You?
I disappear
Each time
I am with You.”

One is reminded of the great Sage Ramana saying that to see God is to be consumed by Him. Similarly Helene describes how Love and Grace can consume us.

Helene writes,

“There is a love letter
Planted in my Heart
Its Beauty is the fragrance
Of the moment
I meet You
I haven't opened it yet
This is now the gift I offer You

Writing a beautiful poem about her visit to Siva-Shakti Ma in Tiruvanamalai, Helene reveals the devotional part of her life and ends by saying:

“I saw the sparkles of endless love in Her eyes
I knew I had been blessed by Grace.”

I loved the following verse by Helene and it tells us how Love makes everything sacred.

“What is sacred for You
Is sacred for me
Because You are sacred”

Helene reminds us to quench our thirst for Love until we disappear in it.

“Drink until there's no thirst
Breathe until there's no air
Walk until there's no body
Love until there's no you
Until only Silence remains”

Emphasizing this Helene states that:

“There is nothing that is not delicate and sacred when seen from love”

As I read Helene's poems and looked at the art work, I saw a pure labor of love and a most sacred offering of beauty and grace. The readers will be inspired and feel richer for having gone through the poems and rereading them again and again. Both parents and children can enjoy this sacred work as it can be understood at many levels.

My heart felt congratulations to my friend Helene Averous on completing and offering us this gift from the heart.

Finally I conclude with Helene's beautiful verse on the Heart where she states:

“There is no absence
In the Heart
But only
That infinite Presence
That You are.”

Helene's excellent work speaks for itself and will find home in the heart of the readers.

Harsh K. Luthar, Ph.D.

Helene's poems are very tender, simple and full of heart. Because they are spacious in nature, they open so much space inside the reader's heart. Like milk and honey, one can drink them effortlessly and I assure you, they are very nourishing. I have been repeatedly moved by their deep presence and I trust many others are too.

Guthema Roba Poet and the author of Please Come Home

“This is a book to sip slowly. Each poem turns into a meditation. Each poem makes you sing and dance and bow your head. It's beautiful and no words about it could ever do it justice. All must sip to one's heart delight!!!! Thank you so very much dear Helene for sharing your experience in these simple word poems.”

~ Judy C. Atkinson

“It is very beautiful and even more………..beyond words to define……….. It does have a gentle and subtle scent of Hafiz and Rumi, as is noted by Luthar…. my dear mystical Helene… The words which embraced me and sounded so familiar for a reason unknown are ” when you reach your heart your life becomes a poem and your words are notes singing the song of the wild flowers” As if I had read them before many, many aeons of time gone by….. I love a book by Ryokan and your book is now placed so lovingly and tenderly next to his….. Your “Silent Drops” and Ryokan's “Dewdrops on a Lotus leaf “… side by side…by writers living centuries apart and I cherish both…………..”

~ Mary Plaga

Reviews from readers

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